Take Back Your Home From Pests

Take Back Your Home From Pests

Work with a residential pest control company in Farwell, TX

Have you tried all the usual store-bought products and tricks to remove your pests with no results? Don't wait any longer to get professional pest control help-most pests will lay eggs and multiply quickly. Contact High Plains Pest Control today to work with a preferred pest control company in the Farwell, TX area.

High Plains Pest Control is committed to environmentally conscious chemical usage. You can rest assured we'll eliminate your pests without any risk to you or the environment. We treat roaches, worms, ticks, spiders, rodents and more.

Call us today to schedule services from a trusted pest control company.

Target and eliminate your bed bug infestation

Do you believe you have a bed bug infestation? You need an experienced bed bug exterminator to inspect your home or business. High Plains Pest Control will look out for:

  • Rust-colored stains on bed sheets or mattresses
  • Dark excrement spots about the size of a period
  • Eggs, shells and pale skins left behind

Bed bugs can quickly turn peaceful dreams into nightmares. Contact us today to hire a bed bug exterminator in Farwell, TX.