Is Your Yard Living Up to Its Potential?

Is Your Yard Living Up to Its Potential?

Reach out to us for landscaping services in Farwell, TX

Do you struggle to grow and maintain your landscape? A beautiful lawn takes constant care and attention to ensure weeds, bugs and fungus don't take hold and ruin your hard work. Contact High Plains Pest Control to take advantage of professional landscaping services in Farwell, TX.

Spend less time worrying about your lawn and more time enjoying it. Call us today for a free estimate on landscape mulch, trees and other installations in Farwell, TX.

Landscaping services with an emphasis on pest control

Your average landscaper doesn't understand invasive bugs and weeds as well as we do. Rely on our landscaping services to keep your lawn healthy and safe from harm. Hire us to:

  • Spread mulch and gravel
  • Spray for weeds and bugs
  • Aerate grass
  • Plant trees and shrubs

We can spread landscape mulch with prompt and efficient services that won't disrupt your busy schedule. Speak with us today to set up an appointment in Farwell, TX.