Protect Your Crops From Hungry Pests

Protect Your Crops From Hungry Pests

Count on us for agricultural pest control in Farwell, TX

A farm or dairy is an irresistible buffet for insects and rodents. With increased rodents comes snakes and other predators. Don't let your farm turn into the local zoo. Contact High Plains Pest Control today for agricultural pest control services in Farwell, TX.

Never attempt snake removal on your own. A professional at High Plains Pest Control can identify the species and perform safe and effective snake removal. Call us today to get a free estimate in Farwell, TX.

How can your farm benefit from professional pest control?

High Plains Pest Control has provided agricultural pest control for over 50 years in the Farwell, TX area. We understand the most effective strategies to remove harmful pests without damaging your crops. Prairie dogs can be a major nuisance and difficult to catch. We use humane practices to locate and remove rodents and other wildlife from your property.

We can also provide follow-up appointments to ensure pests won't return in the future. Call us today to learn more about our affordable pest control services.